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[IPk] Bubbles causing ketones

Hi all,

I don't expect anyone to solve this problem, as until Medtronic  
produce a pre-filled cartridge for their pumps, then bubbles are  
going to be an issue with my pump.  I have just had a BG reading of  
17.9 (4pm today) with no other reason than the fact that my  
reservoir, on checking, has bubbles in it, and were also apparent in  
the tubing, big time.

I have now primed them out and given myself a small correction bolus,  
as not sure how much basal or bolus has gone through correctly for  
the past few hours.  Only time will tell and a BG reading this  
evening will tell me if I need any further insulin to compensate for  
however many bubbles have gone through the tubing today.

OK this doesn't happen every day, but I had been doing so well  
recently and feeling so much better, then through no fault of my own  
I have ketones and feel awful.  Will be hours now before the BG level  
goes down again.

Apologies, but I just wanted a moan, not every day is going to be  
perfect, and today certainly isn't!!

Moan over, off now for another glass of water.

(type 1 for 38 years, pumping 8 months, Paradigm 522)
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