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RE: [IPk] Apidra

Hi Sue

I have been on apidra in my pump since its launch here. The other 2
rapid-acting insulins did not do the trick for me, so apidra was the thing
to try, as it is the fasting onset insulin available. To be honest, I have
not noticed much difference, but that is probably me. If your HbA1c is 7.1,
that is better than I have ever been, but, by all means try it - it may make
your control even better than it is.

Good luck, anyway.


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I saw my consultant and DSN on thursday. HbA1c 7.1, which is pretty stable.

They have suggested a trial of Apidra to see if it brings down my post meal
 and therefore lowering my HbA1c. They are writing to my GP to prescribe 2 
 vials to see how i go on with it. Anyone else had a trial of Apidra? If so,
did  you get on with it? I am very sensitive to insulin so i am obviously 
concerned  about the possibility of hypos.
They have suggested keeping my 'back-up' insulin as Novorapid for now, and  
if i get on well with Apidra, then changing over my 'back-up' insulin as
Any info would be useful.
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