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RE: [IPk] To Mrs Moyes...i

Hi, just read your dilema, you can ask for some medication called Famvir which
is an anti viral and can help stop it spreading, my dad got this when he had
it. He got some other stuff too, I'll ask him tommorow and get back to you.
Kind regards, mel> >

> 2008/5/8 Mrs Moyes <email @ redacted>:> > > Now poorly things. Has
anyone out there had shingles? After spending 3> > weeks> > in agony with
suspected kidney stones whilst awaiting a scan, I returned> > to my> > GP to
say that the pain was unbearable and could the scan be hurried up.> > Then> >
I added that to compound my problems, my blood sugars were higher than> >
usual -> > 11 and 12 in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, and on
top of> > that, I'd got some mosquito bites around my middle. When she saw
the> > bits,> > she just burst out laughing and said, 'Darling, they're not
bites, they're> > shingles. That's why you feel so dreadful'. So I'm on
anti-viral drugs,> > have> > been give 100 Solpadol for the pain and I feel
like a car crash. Blood> > sugars> > are back to normal, but I'm very thirsty
all the time. Anyone got any> > bright> > ideas about how to get better
quickly?> .> ----------------------------------------------------------> for
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