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I don't know if any other Canadians or diabetics living in Canada read this
list, but I got a very interesting pamphlet the other night from the Bayer
(Ascencia Breeze & Contour) representative.

To quote from the pamphlet:  "What's your dream?  The Bayer Dream Fund is open
to anyone in control of their diabetes who has a dream they want to fulfill.
Specific eligibility crieria are outlined at www.dreamfund.ca ."

My husband's dream is that a insulin pump be procured for someone on ODSP
(Ontario Disability Support Programme) with that prize money.  ODSP (social
assistance for indigent people with disabilities in Ontario, a province of
Canada) will pay for supplies including sensors, but it will not purchase the
pump and transmitter.  Even $5,000 generous as it is will not pay for the

My husband's dream is that insulin pumps and sensors start being considered
necessary medical devices similar to a pace maker and not some sort of bizarre
medical frill.

By the way, pumps + $2,500 for pump supplies per annum will  be provided to
people under 18 with diabetes in Ontario by the government's assistive devices
programme and the person with diabetes under 18 can also get sticks and
insulin through the Trillium Drug Card or the Ontario Drug Plan if they are on
assistance so our prize money would go to buy a pump for someone on ODSP over

This government creates more loopholes than Carter's got pills, doesn't it?

Anyway, I must "radiate good vibes" and "keep my fingers crossed" in hopes
that the selection committee will like my husband's plan to buy someone on
ODSP an insulin pump.

Dianna K. Goneau Inkster B.A.(ed.), B.A., M.L. S.

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