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Re: [IPk] Re Pump

Hi Carol
It might be worth making the changes 0.5 units/hour at a time.
I'm amazed the difference it can make sometimes, and I take around 30 
units a day!

Carol Cummins wrote:
> Hi Julie
> I do sympathise with you - I have been on a pump for coming up to 3 years,
> type 1 for 30 years, and am struggling to get good control. I had a couple
> of hours when I first had the pump too, and I need very small amounts of
> insulin, currently about 16 units per day total. Recently I have upped my
> basals by 0.1 over 24 hours, and then I can hardly keep above 4 for the
> whole day - it seems to be a big reaction to such a small amount of insulin.
> How much insulin are you taking? Do you have the help and support of a DSN?
> Carol.
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> Type 1 50 years
> Pumping 2 years.
> Hi can anyone help, I am very sensitive to insulin so it appears.
> I cannot keep my blood sugars running at a normal or low reading the reason
> being if I get it say to 5 or 6 I cannot stay at that I only have to do
> something extra like walk to the shops and it will just drop so quickly.  I
> have no hypo warning signs with long term diabetes. And I don't seem to be
> able to get good control 
> Anyone any ideas what I should be doing, I only went for a couple of hours
> training on the pump, when I first got it,
> .
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