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Re: [IPk] Re Pump

Hi Julie
If your BG is around 5 then (depending how far it is) it's quite normal 
that something like a walk to the shops could make you go low. A 10 
minute walk could easily drop my BG by 3-4 mmol/l.
If you have little hypo warning then you need to raise your target BG 
level for a few weeks. So for instance, aim to keep your BG at 7 rather 
than 5. Even a bit higher if you need to. John Davis can tell you his 
own experience of this, he used to have no hypo warning signs at all 
until he went on the pump, with dire consequences. Now he's almost 
normal :-)
until you get things more stable you need to keep testing a lot and keep 
adjusting - for example turn your pump down if you're going to do even 
light exercise.

julie wrote:
> Type 1 50 years
> Pumping 2 years.
> Hi can anyone help, I am very sensitive to insulin so it appears.
> I cannot keep my blood sugars running at a normal or low reading the reason
> being if I get it say to 5 or 6 I cannot stay at that I only have to do
> something extra like walk to the shops and it will just drop so quickly.  I
> have no hypo warning signs with long term diabetes. And I don't seem to be
> able to get good control 
> Anyone any ideas what I should be doing, I only went for a couple of hours
> training on the pump, when I first got it,
> .
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