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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V3 #1353

I've been pumping since August 08 Still "tweaking" but I love it. I wanted  
to go on a pump a few years ago and then went off the idea, like you the 
 thought of wearing something 24/7 put me off. BUT I'm so glad I changed my
mind. I
wear  mine in my jeans pocket. I cut a slit long enough to take the "the 
button"  (can't remember proper name), I use a medtronic 722 and their 
 quickserters, and thread the tubing etc through and attach it to pump. It is
 concealed then, no tubing etc on view and people think it's a mobile phone. I
 use the "Invisupump" I think there is a link on the website. I use that when i
wear a  skirt and even though I'm a size 8 it is hardly noticeble.  Lots of  
people just let the pump float around in bed and I've done that too. It's 
 almost as if it realises and moves along with you. I also bought some cotton
scratch mitts (Primark do 2 pairs for 50p) and sewn them into pyjama tops  
I can remember going dancing on the second night of wearing it and  being 
aware that I'd been "playing" with it ie bolusing for cappucinos I  had been 
 drinking and walking to the car and thought "wait where's my pump" thinking I'd
left it on a table, then realised it's attached to me - Doh! that's  how 
comfortable it felt
So, go for it, I think you'll really find a difference and love it like the  
rest of us. If you really can't get on with it after trynig for a good few  
months, you can always revert back to injections!
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