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[IPk] Re:BBC article



I've just read the "Diabetes may run in the family" and couldn't really
see where you'd got the thought of  "selective breeding" from.  I thought
the article didn't really say anything that I didn't already know ie get
your blood sugars under control before pregnancy.

Personally I just wish they'd get on and find a cure for us present Type



IDDM 43 yrs, disetronic pump 3 yrs 

>Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 04:32:51 EDT >From: email @ redacted >Subject:
[IPk] Check out BBC NEWS | Health | Diabetes 'may run in the family' >
>Hi >Just seen this. I don't like the way it goes, really. Talking about
>"Experts believe that while further research is needed the findings
could > lead to changes in the medical advice given to diabetic women who
are planning >to >have children." >Then they go on to say, "Such measures
could contribute to reducing >the epidemic of diabetes and its
complications in the years to come." >Errrr maybe I'm wrong here but are
they trying to say that it would be best >to NOT become pregnant just in
case your son/daughter may develop type 2 in >their 40's? Sounds a bit
like the 'selective breeding' system to me! >Whilst I would never want to
put any of my children at risk of developing any >disease at any time in
their lives, this report just makes me angry. >Helen > > >> > BBC NEWS |
Health | Diabetes 'may run in the family'


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