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[IPk] Carpal tunnel

Hi Dave,

Was your hand surgery for carpal tunnel? I had surgery for carpal tunnel on 
my right hand four years ago, when the CTS had been diagnosed as already at 
the 'moderate' stage. At the same time, my left hand was diagnosed with 
'mild' CTS. I know from the symptoms (worse in the past few months, despite 
the fact I've slept with a brace on my left hand nearly every night since 
diagnosis) that I am facing having my other hand operated on. I have an 
appointment at the Nuffield for 28 July--here's hoping they'll be willing to 
schedule the surgery based on it alone. I plan to have my diagnosis 
paperwork from Virginia sent to the hospital in advance of my visit. We know 
that in people with diabetes CTS rarely gets any better but can get pretty 
bad indeed; I see no reason to bother with cortisone injections that will 
mess with my bgs if surgery will actually correct the problem at hand (as it 
were...). As I've already been diagnosed and the symptoms are classical, I 
don't see the point in wondering if that's the problem or putting off 
treating it.

About the actual surgery: I was awake, with a local block anaesthetic having 
been done from (I think) my shoulder down. A curtain was put up beside me so 
that I could not see what the surgeon was doing. I know that the surgery 
took 7 minutes from the first incision to the first stitch. I was told that 
I'd be writing with a pen as usual within 12 days, but it actually took 
longer for the discomfort to go away. I had no problems with healing, 
really, but found it uncomfortable to do a push-up for about a year. Can 
anyone advise me on the sort of surgery being used for carpal tunnel in the 
UK at present? Does that procedure/advice sound familiar?

Hope you're back to typing with ten fingers soon, Dave!


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