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[IPk] Keytones-Cortisone-Pumps-Nice

Hello Everyone,

     As a major sufferer of keytones pre-pump when admitted to hospital you
are put on a sliding scale and rehydrated with pottasium and saline which
takes aprox 12 hours depending on how extreme the dka. Lack of food can also
induce dka as I suffer with gastroporisis it can happen very easily, from what
i understand the body uses resorces in the liver and the end product is waste
that tips into the urine, (correct me if I'm wrong).
     I have had several Cortisone injections into my fingers because of
trigger finger and tunnel carpel syndrome, with no adverse affects but was
warned that it can affect the effect of insulin dramatically. Yesterday i was
operated on, both hands, Iwas a bit supprised by the attitude of doctors they
are all scared by a patient who knows about their diabetes my Db consultant
said just unplug it as they would not accept any responsibility for any
problems arrising, it is bad enough that i had to stay awake as its too much
of a risk for me to be put to sleep, because of other conditions as well.
Anyway I was determined to keep it on so anyway my bg's wer On Admission 12.0,
Pre op 8.2, Straight after op 7.2 two hours after 18.4 bolused 6 units  two
ours later 9.2 I am just so chuffed with myself, I left it plugged in and put
it under the sheet as i was concious I could have told them of any problems.
     I use the Disetronic Plus (for a year, H-Tron previously) I was never
given a choice, but I prefer the look, have had no problems and the back-up,
aftersales and staff are second to none, to blow my trumpet. As their seem to
be less disetronic users a good time for sending out information packs to
anyone considering pump therapy I think.
     Disetronic have sent me a NICE and insulin pump therapy questionaire this
morning and it does state about the postcode lottery with the NHS (can send
copy offgroup to anyone). I do feel its the Red Tape brigade who stop this
funding as I cant find any doctor that dosn't agree with me that the pump and
consumables should be free  and are disgusted about me paying, when I've not
been admitted for 3yrs 5mths the same time I've been pumping whereas before I
was admitted 6-12 weeks a year.
Sorry for mistakes typing with 1 finger as both hands plastered.
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