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RE: [IPk] Update Re: Funding

How long did it take the Chief Executive to reply? I wrote 7th May 2003
but not had a reply yet.

Joyce Jones

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 I have been having a lot of problems re funding. However, my MP after
the following letter from Cornwall PCT she has decided to take the
matter up
with the Minister and she now seems confident of a satisfactory outcome:

Dear Ms Atherton

 You wrote to me on 30 April 2003 with regard to a constituent who
relies on an
Insulin Pump.

 We are aware that guidance was issued by the National Institute for
Excellence (NICE) in February 2003 in relation to the use of continuous
Subcutaneous infusions. The Gguidance stated that insulin pump therapy
is an
option for people with type 1 diabetes, provided that multiple dose
therapy has failed and those receiving insulin pump therapy have the
and competence to use the therapy effectively. Unfortunately, we have
not been
able to identify resources in the current financial year either for the
cost of the purchase of the pumps or for the ongoing running costs,
however, we
are keeping this situation under review.

I'm sorry I cannot be more helpful

Lyn Manuell
Chief Executive

 The other point my MP made was, that she too is a type 1 diabetic. So
at least
she knows where I am coming from to a degree.

 It all seemed so hopeless before, but this letter seems to have really
her. to quote her "It's time to up the stakes"

 I don't know if we will be sucessful, but it's helpful to know someone
is on my

 Out of interest, is this the sort of letter that people are receiving
other trusts that are not implimenting the NICE guidelines?

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