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[IPk] Check out BBC NEWS | Health | Diabetes 'may run in the family'

Just seen this. I don't like the way it goes, really. Talking about <quote>
"Experts believe that while further research is needed the findings could 
 lead to changes in the medical advice given to diabetic women who are planning
have children." 
Then they go on to say, <quote>"Such measures could contribute to reducing 
the epidemic of diabetes and its complications in the years to come." 
Errrr maybe I'm wrong here but are they trying to say that it would be best 
to NOT become pregnant just in case your son/daughter may develop type 2 in 
their 40's? Sounds a bit like the 'selective breeding' system to me!
Whilst I would never want to put any of my children at risk of developing any 
disease at any time in their lives, this report just makes me angry.

<A HREF="http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/2946854.stm">

 BBC NEWS | Health | Diabetes 'may run in the family'</A> 
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