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[IPk] Funding

I know that trying to get funding is the hardest part but don't give up. I'm 
afraid it is a question of money. Use the reply you get from the PCT and 
write to the Dept of Health YOUR MP and if need be and you don't mind going 
public your local rag. I was really surprised at how quick the response was 
once I sent copies of everything to my MP. Now you have the advantage of 
quoting the NICE guidelines too. They don't like the issue of postcode 
prescribing being raised and if you look on the website John Davies has 
published areas where pumps are funded, I quoted a few that were near me. It 
took time,a few trees and lots of stamps but I got there in the end and I am 
sure you will too. Don't let them make you feel guilty about the financial 
issues either, there are lots of areas that are funded for bizarre reasons 
and you are entitled to at least have a trial of a pump. All the best Carmel

Very glad of my 508, I know it is a shame AMT were bought out but that's 
business I suppose and feel quite guilty that there are people who deserve 
pumps equally as me but aren't getting them

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