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[IPk] sickness and playing with basals

>  from:    ip-uk-digest <email @ redacted>
>  date:    Tue, 27 May 2003 20:57:18
>  to:      email @ redacted
>  subject: Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #413
> ip-uk-digest           Tuesday, May 27 2003           Volume 02 : Number 413
 > I have only been on the pump for 10 months but have found that when you are
ill (3 bad colds since christmas) the first day bg's are normal but moving up,
but then things change rapidly and frequent testing -every 2 hours-plus rapide
increases in basal % rates keeps things under control. I have been up to 190%
within the first day and over a period of 5 days it does not drop back much.
After this it's just a matter of tracking the basals against the falling bg's!
Very sore fingers is the outcome to all of this but YOU CAN DO IT ON A PUMP and
no other way.

    Hope this helps    regards  Dave (D-TRON).
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