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Re: [IPk] Funding

I read your mail with interest as I am just starting out on the road to a 
 pump. (The consultant/GP have recommended me for one after a glargine trial).
problem is my HBA1c was 6.8 this time. But my BG's are up and down like a 
yo-yo and I have lots of hypos to acheive this HBA1c.
What is happening now, is the consultant is going to talk to his superior 
 then writing to the managers of the PCT to ask if they will fund the pump. He
all in favour of pumping but, in the end, I have been told it is up to an 
 accountant to say if the PCT can afford to 'implement the guidelines'. I guess
they refuse they will use the fact my HBA1c is not above the minimum 
 recommended for a pump or the hypo's don't always require third party
 Even though the consultant, DSN and my GP agree that the hypos are detrimental
my health in general, it seems to be up to someone with a pen and the cheque 
book to decide in the end. 
I want to believe I will get a pump. But daren't. This PCT has let so many 
 people down in the past and are currently in financial difficulties. They can't
even afford to employ a diabetologist locally therefore leaving people to 
travel quite a distance. 
Sorry for being a pessimist. But I'm sure they will find some reason not to 
fund without going against the guidelines. 
BW Helen 
(Feeling pessimistic today)!
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