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RE: [IPk] Disetronic record books

Hi Carol

I would get on to Estelle and ask for a sample!!  They are bigger than the
Smart Charts, about the size of a school exercise book.  Each double page
covers 24 hours.  One page (the top half if you turn the book sideways) has a
graph to plot your results, plus rows for time (although I use this for
correction boluses - the hours shown on the graph are accurate enough timing
for me), bg result, carbs, carb bolus, basal increases/decreases, and basal
rate.  The other half has columns for food item and carb content, where you
can also note any fancy stuff with boluses (splits, extensions, etc) and a
little section for comments.  There are 32 days worth in each book.

If it helps, I tried the Smart Charts and didn't think they had enough room
for pump info.  The Disetronic books are great.



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From:	Carol Speight [SMTP:email @ redacted]

I hope you don't mind me asking but what is are the free record books like
from Disetronic?  I've been using a D-Tron (and now a D-Tron+) for over 2
years and not had one of these.  Are they like the ones available in the
US - you can see them at: http://tinyurl.com/cph3  I managed to get hold of
some from a friend over there and really liked them but thought they weren't
available here in the UK.

I'd be grateful if you could could let me know so that I can ask Estelle if
it is possible for me to have some.

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