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RE: [IPk] Hair loss

Hi Ron

 Sometimes when children have been ill it does can hair loss. Has your Dr
checked for thyroid problems
 often found in children/adults with type 1 diabetes, this can cause hair loss.
Though your daughter
might have been checked at diagnosis.

 Beckie, my non D twin, lost a lot of hair when she was about 3 and a half years
old. It had always been
 very thick, much thicker than her twin sisters. I went to the GP several times,
but he suggested that it
 might have been due to an illness, but I couldn't actually recall any time
where she had had more than
 just the usual cold. The hair continued to come out and became much thinner
than Sasha's, whose hair
 was much thinner to start off with anyway. I was worried. Then I saw a hospital
program on telly of a
 boy, who had his head shaved when he had needed surgery after an accident. Then
they showed a follow
 up three months later and his hair had all grown back!!!! I was even more
worried!! I wondered why
 Beckie's had not even started to grow back, she had been losing hair for
months. Beckie had no new hair
 coming through at all. I asked to be referred to a specialist and this is what
he told me. When the
 hair falls, due to something like an illness, the hair starts coming out
quicker as the follicles go into
 a "resting cycle" and the new hair is not ready to "grow" yet. The hair has
probably been thinning for
 some months and then, when the new hair starts to grow back, it doesn't happen
all at once, but grows in
 a cycle, some follicles springing in to life again while others are still in
the "resting phase". So
 it's not like someone shaving their head, then it grows back straight away, it
takes longer for the cycle
 of regrowth to kick in. It was over a year before Beckie's hair was back to
normal thickness. There
 was a phase where the follicles were "resting" and when I was drying her hair
(what was left of it) you
 could see no new hair in-between the hair that was left, then one day I could
see all these sort wispy
 bits coming through and eventually more and more. I kept Beckie's hair shorter
at the time so it didn't
 look as bad. So don't worry too much if it seems to take so long for the hair
to start growing again.
 If you are still concerned ask your GP for a referral. I would have been happy
for my GP to have
 explained why the hair was taking so long to grow back, but either I didn't
hear what he said, or he
 didn't know either, or explain it to me well enough. As it was we ended up
paying ?70 pounds to have it
 explained ( private appointment) but it did help put my mind at rest. Beckie
has a thick blonde mop
now and no more hair loss since then

Mum of Sasha age 9 DX 1999, Beckie non D but both coeliac, dx 2001

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> My daughter was diagnosed in February - she now appears to be losing hair -
> has anyone else noticed hair loss after 3 months of being diagnosed with
> diabetes?. Our daughter (6) lost weight before she was diagnosed and I was
> wondering if lack of nutrients at this time is the cause of the hair loss?
> Any ideas
> Regards
> Ron
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