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Re: [IPk] Which pump and infusion set?

On Monday 26 May 2003 7:43 pm, Pat Reynolds wrote:

> On the pump itself, there are various benefits, but you probably won't
> know which will be best for you until you've been pumping for some
> months, by which time it is too late.  For example, one major difference
> between the minimed and disetronic is that with the minimed 508 you can
> have up to 3 different profiles, and with the disetronic, you have only
> one profile, which you can increase or decrease by a percentage.

I think that was the case with the H-Tron, but with D-Tron and D-TronPlus you 
get 2 basal rate profiles. (for me A is 'work day or active weekend', and B 
is 'lazy weekend or working from home'.) You're spot on with the percentage 
increase/decrease, though.

For me, the only thing that the Minimed has and the D-TronPlus lacks is the 
incorporated clip. With a D-Tron you get a plastic clip case that the pump 
can slide into, which you can then clip to trouser waistband etc. but that 
plastic case is really bulky, so I rarely use it.

My main reason for picking the D-Tron was the use of pre-filled cartridges. I 
am visually impaired so the ability to avoid having to fill cartridges and 
check for bubbles etc was a big advantage. I also took advantage of 
Disetronic's payment plan, and am making monthly payments over 5 years. Very 
convenient for the fiscally challenged!


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