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Re: [IPk] Minimed Incompetence

Hi Ian,

When do you phone them - I usally get a dipstick at lunchtime ...

Maybe I'm just unlucky!

On the 'but minimed have more customers, so they'll get more complaints
- I can't help but observe while AMT were running the show, they had the
same non-existant level of complaints as disetronic.

Minimed, however, have sent stuff to the wrong address, been slow to
send emergency pumps, have not kept people informed about what is
happening to their pumps, and generally just don't seem on the ball when
it comes to customer service (when I ring up to complain, they usually
ask me to pay to put right the mistake they made ....)

A letter of apology every time they do stuff wrong would be nice, and a
bunch of flowers on the big mistakes would be normal in other businesses

Best wishes,

dm 30+, 508 2+, customer care trainer 5+, itching to get her hands on
the medtronic staff, as they badly need training
In message <email @ redacted>, Ian Grant
<email @ redacted> writes
>I was surprised to hear your story.
>My experience is totally different.
>Anything I have ordered, either by phone or e-mail has arrived within 48 
>hours min (usually 24) and I have varied address. Only problem has been 
>Royal Mail delivering to my neighbours!
>Ian Grant
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