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Re: [IPk] Funding or Lack of It

Hi Julian,

I don't know the legal situation in England and Wales, but up here in
Scotland our equivalent of NICE (which has always 'rubber stamped' NICE's
guidelines) only makes RECOMMENDATIONS, which our devolved executive PREFER
Boards and Trusts to implement. This wasn't widely known until a couple of
weeks ago, when one of the Scottish quality  daily papers revealed that
several Trusts had set up committees to review all these recommendations and
decide whether the particular Trust should prescribe the medication or

We have just had an election and I anticipate that this will be one of the
'hot potatoes' awaiting the Health Minister when he sits down at his desk.

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>  I've had an interesting week this week with regards to obtaining funding.
> Firstly, I received a phone call from the PCT stating that they would put
> case before a "special cases" committee" Today I received a phone call
> that the decision has been taken not to fund pumpers. This is despite the
> that my consultant has quite clearly stated to the trust and myself that
he does
> not want me to come off the pump and try glargine etc. he would prefer me
> remain on the pump because of the clear improvement in control etc.
>  Are there others in this position? If so, what have you done to try and
> persuade the trust to impliment the NICE guidelines?
>  I must say I am really tempted to go along the lines of legal action if
it is
> in fact, a legal requirement that the PCT adheres to the nice guidelines.
> Julian
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