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[IPk] Re: pregnancy

Hello again Sharon,

I managed my third pregnancy on an H-tron and as I said yesterday, I
used the temporary basal rate to increase my insulin at each stage.
Apparently the insulin resistance goes up at definite stages throughout
the pregnancy, but I used a very flexible approach and didn't go over 10
for the entire pregnancy - even when I was made redundant!!

At times, I would have been on 160% of my basal rate.  When this held
stable for a couple of days, I would change the programmed basal rate.

I was giving my boluses in lots of 8 units (this was 4 years ago and
things change!), and have always over estimated the amount of insulin I
would need for a meal/snack/biscuit/chocolate bar/milk shake/etc.
Because of this, I was able to get my HbA1c down to 4.7 during the
pregnancy without any serious hypos.  I did about 20 blood tests a day
though, and this is still a major part of my diabetes management.

Try putting a temporary increase on your basal rate - say 120% to start
with, and try not to go too mad with the boluses.  It sounds as if you
are compensating for the basal being too low when you eat.  If the basal
is increased, you should be able to work out a reliable CHO/bolus ratio.
I would have used about 4units:10g CHO towards the end of my pregnancy,
but mid-way this was probably 2.5:10.

You will be able to work out what's best for you - just keep testing and
don't panic!

Please email me off list if you want a chat..

Kate Clapham
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