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Re: [IPk] Glycaemic Index - revisited

I think some of them know why, and if they don't they should at least have 
some theories. Frozen shoulder appears to be like trigger digit - caused 
when some of the tendons/ligaments/collagen are glycosylated and harden 
into a different cell type.

There's a lot of good information around about it, and the figures thrown 
around are that 10-29% of type 1s develop it, as opposed to 2-5% of the 
general population.

Useful links here:

Incidentally, cortisone mimics the body's natural cortisol, so will 
definitely raise BG (by making the liver release glycogen).

At 02:40 AM 23/05/2003, you wrote:

>I've also heard that a frozen shoulder is more common in people with type 1
>and in some areas is considered a complication of diabetes, but no one knows
>why. My GP's and the consultants say this is not proven.
>Suffering with you!

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