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Re: [IPk] Wheels are in motion....

Hi Helen,

Congratulations on the positive feedback from your consultant, and best
wishes with the application for funding.

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> Hi all
> I saw the diabetes consultant at Lancaster today. Although my HBA1c was
> he looked at all my results, etc., and agreed that this was most probably
>  acheived by all the ups and downs I was getting and it was no way to go
on. He
> has
> agreed to fully support and push for me to have a pump! He is going to
> approach his managers and whoever else he can and get back to me. I asked
if I
>  needed to write to anyone and he said he would find out who and let me
know. He
>  said he feels that pumps are the way forward and as this PCT has only one
> person
> on one that they fund, they should be supporting more people and he felt I
> an ideal candidate!
> I feel happy now that I have his support although I know it can be an
> struggle to get funding. Anyone know of any other buttons I can press in
> meantime? Would writing to the head of the PCT help? Or should I wait and
> Thanks
> Helen
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