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[IPk] Diet cola etc that isn't diet!

Just thought I'd relate an experience that happened today while I was out for 
the day.
My mum and myself went to a chain restaurant for a drink to kill a bit of 
 time and have a sit down before we went to catch a train home. I'd tested my BG
directly before this and was 8.0. Didn't want anything to eat so I had a diet 
cola taken from one of those self dispensing machines. Off we went to the 
 train, which was delayed slightly. Got on the train, about 35 minutes after the
cola. Did my BG as I felt 'high'. BG was 27.7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes! Gave 
myself 6 units humalog. Retested at home an hour or so later, still 25! 
Now, this does not usually happen! But I got to wondering. The only thing I 
had had all afternoon was the cola. (large cup). It had to be that. I have had 
a similar experience once before from McD's when the kids were eating and I 
 wasn't so just had a drink and asked for diet cola. I guess the only way you
tell if you're getting the 'real thing' (sorry)! is to actually test the cola 
with my BG strips...but I shouldn't have to! Thing is, guess no one knows 
unless the machines and drinks are randomly tested from time to time. I mean, 
apart from us with diabetes, who'd know?
I'll stick to water from now on!
Anyone else with similar experiences?
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