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Re: [IPk] Re: pregnancy

I had had type 1 for 22 years when I became pregnant.
It's understandable to feel worried about what can go wrong. How many weeks 
 are you now? I know for my first 16 weeks I was terrible. (I had a lot of gynae
trouble and this played me up during that time). I had always been told I 
 could not have children (not diabetes related) and becoming pregnant was a
to say the least, although a nice one! I had a rough few weeks at first but 
once I got into the second trimester, I bloomed! My insulin requirements 
 increased dramatically all the way through pregnancy, almost daily. I started
on 12
units long acting and ended up on 60! (I was on MDI as I am now.) I did test 
 religiously all the way through including waking in the night. It is hard work,
but I found it was as though I had been taken over by a superior force! I had 
one thought in mind, and that was my baby. My BG's didn't rise above 7 once I 
found out I was pregnant. Couldn't do that now! (G) I gained a LOT of weight 
but as I was underweight when I started and my BP was fine, if a little low 
(and I suffered dizzy spells and fainting due to this), this was OK. I had 
weekly scans once I got to about 20 weeks and these were timed in with weekly 
 visits to the obs clinic and the diabetic clinic. I'd spend nearly a day there
a week! But it is worth it in the end. My extremely tall 8yo daughter is 
testament to that!
Hang in there, it does get better!
BW Helen
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