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[IPk] type 1 & stroke

As you all probably  know I have had type 1 for years. On my last 
appointment at the clinic in april, my blood pressure was slightly elevated 
and had been on previous visits so I was commenced on medication and advised 
to forget about losing weight by dieting which has never worked for me but 
to exercise.I was so shocked about the BP and my weightgain that I started a 
sensible regime of diet and when my weightloss slowed right down I finally 
plucked up courage to join the gym. They were excellent there and very 
encouraging, I didn't care about my size as I felt good about the fact the 
weight was finally begining to shift. Two weeks ago following a much harder 
session, I felt really strange, bg's ok, but went to bed early, When I woke 
in the morning I had lost the use of my left arm and leg.
We raced to the GP, where I just asked him to tell me  had not had a CVA 
(Stroke) to which he replied that he could not tell me that but he felt my 
diagnosis was what he thought. I was admitted to our local hospital which is 
not the one I attend for DM as the GP was not keen for me to travel and they 
do not have an A&E facility @ Barts. Following scans and blood tests it was 
confirmed that I had indeed sustained a mild stroke and am now on warfarin 
and awaiting further physiotherapy.
The most devastating thing for me is that the stroke was caused by DM, It 
has had my eyes, my feet and now this. The use of my left side is beginning 
to return thankfully and I have been told that I there is no reason why I 
should not make a full recovery.
It is important to avoid high blood glucose levels which I am finding 
difficult, as I find the more I worry the higher they go. My copy of 
Practical Diabetes arrived today and there is a very interesting article 
about Richard Bernsteins work so I  will have to get his book out again. 
What surprises me also is the amount written about Type 1 and stroke and it 
affecting young adults as I always felt stroke was a type 2 complication. 
Anyway this is to you all to encourage you to keep your bgs low and be 
grateful that you have the tools to control your Diabetes that were not 
available when I was young
Carmel type 1 since aged 3

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