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Re: [IPk] Re: Exemption certs...round and round the houses!

Hi there

Sorry for the delay in reading all the messages - I've only just discovered
my PC under all the building dust.

Anyway, I've been diabetic for 26 years and had an excemption certificate
for the last 20 years.  In all that time I've never been asked to show it.
It hasn't mattered if I've gone to my local phamacy or to one I was 'just

I know that's not a great help to your problem but just thought that I'd
share that with you!

Karen Hennessy

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> Hi
> Just phoned a few numbers re the above. thought I'd let anyone who may
> themselves in the same situation know what to do!
> Firstly, I phoned the number given on the local PCT's website. They only
> dealt with emergency cases? They gave me a number in Preston. But that was
> for prepaid certs only. They gave me a number in Newcastle...the one you
> posted, Rhoda. I phoned them. Usual press button 1, 2 or 3, etc., which I
> did, with no response, then was told thankyou for calling, goodbye! Argh!
> Dialled again, pressed 1 for exemptions, got half a message as it started
> relay before I had finished pressing 1, but then had to press one again.
> through...and was told that, even though my card had literally fallen to
> pieces (it's cardboard held together with sticky tape and has finally
> into four bits) they could not renew it until 3 weeks before it was due as
> 'condition may change by then'! Errr...not unless they find a miraculous
> for diabetes between now and then it won't! But, no chance but she could
> out a replacement but I would still need to renew three weeks or so before
> was due to expire. Explained that I would be away and the main problem is
> that they told me I needed the consultants signature and I don't see a
> consultant so would need to send it away to him and await it coming back,
> which like last time would take a week or two. There's nothing they can
> she said and I would have to pay for the scripts during the time without
> claim it back..again! Argh!
> The thing is, with something like diabetes, why on earth can't they just
> accept its permanent and automatically send out renewals without having to
> get the consultant to say, yes, you definitely have it? Seems crazy to me!
> Anyhow, the address to send a copy of the card up for renewals is:
> Medex Issue Office
> PO Box 463
> Newcastle upon Tyne NE99 2DF
> Together with a letter stating you want to apply for renewal.
> They then send a form for renewal and a signature of the consultant, which
> you then send back. They then send the new card.
> They don't send out renewal notices, she said. It's up to the user to
> they are due for renewal and send it off.
> BW Helen...confused!
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