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[IPk] Dawn phenomenon/hoping for a pump!

I do get this dawn phenomenon, always have. A past diabetologist told me it 
was hormonal. 
I don't eat much breakfast...I never feel at my best or particularly hungry 
at that time of day. I usually have a cup of coffee then wait until after I 
have taken the kids to school before I eat. This is partly to do with the 
fact I take omeprazole for reflux first thing and it doesn't really kick in 
for an hour, plus I have other meds I have to take with food, but not at the 
same time as the omeprazole!
It can be very pronounced, i.e. this morning, I woke at 6:30 with a BG of 
8.1. Got the kids ready for school, tested again at 8:40am and it was 18.8! 
This is fairly typical, despite adjusting the glargine. If I put that up, 
even by just 1 or 2 units, I go hypo (badly) around 4am. Seeing the 
consultant tomorrow and am hoping against hope he will consider a pump this 
time. I think this trial period has been going on long enough! (Almost a 
year.) Only problem is, and this sounds terrible I know, what if my HBA1 is 
OK? It was Ok last time as all the peaks and troughs levelled things out. But 
I feel terrible most of the time like this. I've logged everything down, so 
guess I can only give it my best shot.
 Watch this space!
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