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Re: [IPk] Re: Exemption Certificates

I do have one chemist I try and go to, (but the parking is awful near to it 
so often I go somewhere else),. They looked at the card once, then logged on 
their PC record it had been seen so they don't ask me for it again. sensible. 
This is maybe what BOots do, for those who have found they don't ask. But the 
other chemist I use, right next to my workplace and very convenient, refuse 
to do this and despite me going in at least once a week for scripts and often 
more for bits and pieces, and working right next door, serving the people who 
work there, they insist on seeing the card each time. I asked if they could 
log it onto their PC as they do keep records of you and all past 
prescriptions, but they said it was against the law. They couldn't tell me 
where to apply for a new card, either. It is a local chain of pharmacists. 
The other one is independant. 
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