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Re: [IPk] Glycaemic index - revisited

> Hello all
> After putting it off for ages, I have finally tried
> eating porridge for breakfast. I have to put plenty of
> sweetener in to make the stuff edible, but the change
> in blood sugars is incredible!
> After eating Weetabix for years I changed to Special K
> recently thinking that would be better. I was still
> getting massive post-prandial peaks (up as high as 19
> though returning to normal before lunch). I have come
> to the conclusion that most breakfast cereals are so
> refined that the effect would be the same. There is no
> such peak with the porridge. Has anybody found a way
> of eating other cereals without a massive peak?

Yeah, eat the junk food cereals that kids like, like Frosted Flakes 
and such. The sugar they put in is the complex kind that requires 
"digestion" to release the glucose. That slows the peak down to a 
reasonable time frame the matches the insulin absorption much better.

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