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Re: [IPk] Exemption Certificates

On Monday 19 May 2003 5:23 pm, Diana Maynard wrote:
> Hi karen
> I get asked every time I go but I don't bother carrying it around with me
> any more. Apparently legally they have to ask you whether you have it or
> not. If you have it, they tick a box to say they've seen it. If you
> haven't, then they tick a box to say that you've said you have one, but
> that they haven't actually seen it. So if the authorities want to, they can
> check up on you if noone's actually witnessed you having a card.
> You used not to have to produce it, but they changed the rules slightly
> about 5 years ago or so.
> Make sense?

It certainly does, thanks Di. I'm still very surprised though. The pharmacist 
at one place has been the same lady for the past 4 years, so fair enough that 
she doesn't ask to see proof. But the staff turnover is very high at Boots - 
I'm even using a different branch now which didn't exist 4 years ago. I 
haven't even presented anyone with that Boots card for at least 2 years. That 
means that a hell of a lot of Botos staff are Doing The Wrong Thing. Maybe 
Boots as a company isn't very picky about this sort of thing?

I shall march into Boots with my replacement card at some point, and show 
them, so at least I know *I'm* doing the right thing. :o)

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