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Re: [IPk] Exemption Certificates

Hi karen
I get asked every time I go but I don't bother carrying it around with me any 
more. Apparently legally they have to ask you whether you have it or not. If 
you have it, they tick a box to say they've seen it. If you haven't, then 
they tick a box to say that you've said you have one, but that they haven't 
actually seen it. So if the authorities want to, they can check up on you if 
noone's actually witnessed you having a card.
You used not to have to produce it, but they changed the rules slightly about 
5 years ago or so.
Make sense?

On Monday 19 May 2003 17:21, you wrote:
> I'm really surprised by all these messages.
> I spoke to the PPA recently to get a replacement for my (lost) certificate.
> They looked me up on the computer - it seems that many health authorities
> passed along their exemption cert information to the PPA - found me, and
> the replacement card should be here in a week or less. I suppose it's
> possible that some health authorities *didn't* pass on this info, but I'd
> be yelling at the authority about that, not the PPA. I'm amazed at the
> requirement for a consultant signature: I think when I got my original cert
> I may have had to get a GP's signature, but that was it.
> The guy I spoke to a the PPA did say that he was surprised that diabetics
> had to keep re-confirming that they're diabetic, although diabetes is not
> the only chronic condition that is in this boat. I think there are
> currently no conditions which are treated as permanent, so it's not like
> we're being singled out. I asked him to complain about this to his
> management: maybe if we all do this the situation can be changed for us and
> those with other chronic, permanent conditions.
> However, the thing that surprises me the most is that people are relying so
> much on their certs/cards. I got my last one about 4 years ago. I took it
> into the two pharmacies which I was planning to use (I'd only just moved to
> this area) and showed it to the staff. In one pharmacy they just nodded and
> said 'OK' - in the other. a Boots, they gave me a plastic card with my
> details on it and, prsumably, the fact that I had an exemption. I've never
> needed it since (hence why I misplaced it!). A month ago somebody in Boots
> asked me for mine. I said 'er, I don't have it with me. I do have one, as I
> have type 1 diabetes. is this a problem?' and she said 'no' and happily
> filled my scrip. But this did prompt me to get my replacement sorted out
> just in case that happened again.
> So - do you guys all get asked for your cert/card every time you get
> prescriptions filled? I'm fascinated!
> Karen
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