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RE: [IPk] Re: Exemption certs...round and round the houses!

What a load of baloney!

Earlier today I read my way through their website.  Do you think they know
what they're talking about?

The website BTW has a place where you can give them feedback, comments,
complaints and compliments.  Guess which will be the largest section? <G>

Agencies who are sub-contracted to do this sort of work do not have the
knowledge they need.

If they'd only tell us where the cure for DM is, we're all queuing up for
it.  Keep plugging away, Helen.  I can't recall if there is a fax no.  If so
worth faxing through something so that perhaps in writing, someone might
actually engage brain before churning out the usual spiel....

BTW did you see that research report that said drinking coffee helped
prevent the development of Alzheimers and Type 2 Diabetes.  OK 50% of it I
know is wrong.  Will I be aware when I realize that it is 100% wrong? <G>

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