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Re: [IPk] hypers exercise

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From: fiona.stoate <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Thursday, May 15, 2003 3:51 PM
Subject: [IPk] hypers exercise

> Hi Abi
> It's interesting how sensitive the body can be to exercise, colds etc.  I
> think the analog insulins, level of circulating insulin being much more
> precise means slight changes in need are acutely evident.  I have found
> exercise has affected my insulin requirements hugely.

thank you
cold better today ( also went for run yesterday): woke up 4 .9 and was 3.6
before lunch ( back on normal basal). I suspect the cold had alot to do with
things as well

 I coincided starting
> glargine and running perhaps daft. I noticed as I was so unfit to begin
> that my bs would shoot up after a run.  Now I run regularly and manage 30
> 45mins nearly every day.  Starting glargine had me reduce my total daily
> (tdd) bolus and basal from 30u to 25u. As my exercising got better I find
> needs are 20  tdd but I still wake with bs2.5mmol approx.

You do seem to be unusually senstive to insulin ( my TDD is usually about 32
to 34 units)
As far as I am aware low requirements are supposed to be good although this
is probably related to not being overweight and insulin resistant rather
than the actual insulin level itself. The low waking BS is a problem isin't
it? and a definite argument for the pump

I suspect that the
> slightest upset or if I stop exercising and have a mega stressful time in
> things could go haywire very quickly.

Yes, I find stress can be really variable, Sometimes I can just hypo and
need far less insulin/ othertimes go sky high ( I suspect it's interacction
between other factors: whether " rushing aound" time of month etc)

 I am awaiting news from PCT and hope to
> start pumping in July.  Headlines in local paper today are that PCT
> by a million pounds that they hadn't accounted for, (somehow lost!) plus
> another  1 1/2 million they knew about, chaos but it may well affect how
> look at my application which seems small fry indeed with those figures.
> believe what bad timing the application is.

I undertand there has been major confusion and chaos with the abolition of
the old health authorites and PCTs have in many cases"inherited" debts. I'm
sure with the old system  overall less money must have been swallowed up in
admin costs etc, also less centralised control surely means more scope for "
postcode" prescribing
Last month HAs in Wales were replaced by local health boards, and I am sure
absolute chaos must be the order but I am still told that the LHB has no
objection " in principal" to funding my consumables: have just written to
consultant detailing what I use and costs. Just hope they aren't so totally
uninformed that they expected it to be far less costly
Best of luck in your application for funding anyway!
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