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Re: [IPk](another BBC)Program on TV at the moment - long!

Just read the mail. I agree. There is a lot of silly myth around at the 
moment re diabetes and it's causes. I have been meaning to write about a TV 
series that is on and I (sadly)! watch occasionally, called Doctors. It's a 
fictitious, soap-type programme shown at 2.10pm on weekdays. Yes, I know, a 
soap, but it's the only one I watch (G)! And probably a load of tosh!  

Anyhow, a week or so ago there was an episode which concentrated on a young 
guy who was trying to make a name for himself as a comedian. He would go up 
on stage and become very cheeky and aggressive. Fighting drunk almost. It 
turns out he was type 1 but was not taking proper care of himself - drinking 
too much, not testing, not keeping appts., and deliberately injecting short 
acting insulin before a performance so he could get that hypo 'high.' A fight 
started and he was arrested and taken to the police station, described by the 
police as 'drunk and disorderly.' The doc in the programme examined him and 
found he was hypo and gave the police a telling off for not checking him 
properly, etc., as he had glucose on him and a card. So far, so good. But, 
she gave him some glucagon (he was unconscious) and hey presto! he woke up 
instantly and was back to his normal self right away! Uh oh! Thinks I. This 
is not exactly realistic! She just so happened to be his GP so she asked him 
to come see her again next day, which he did. She told him she was concerned 
about his lack of control and his lifestyle, drinking, etc. He said he 
basically couldn't be bothered with good control. What did she do? Produced 
this pump from her desk and said the PCT were very keen to give these out to 
all diabetics now as a replacement to injections. Now, this was getting even 
more ridiculous! For a start, the pump (and please correct me if I am wrong 
here) was HUGE! Like about 10x4! But then, she went straight ahead and 
attached it to him in the surgery, started it up, said there you go and off 
he went! Next thing, he was performing, or going to, that night in a club. 
The doc was in the audience. He was changing to get ready for the show, when 
in walks a pretty girl. He was chatting her up and she saw his pump and 
promptly walked away, horrified. He pulled the pump out, injected himself and 
went on stage. The doc (long winded) found out and the programme left it this 
I was not at all impressed by,
 a) the portrayal of the guy as a couldn't-care-less person with type1 
(although no doubt they do exist). Why couldn't it have been someone 
genuinely interested in their condition?
b) By the fact the doc just so happened to have these pumps available in the 
GP surgery, lying around!
c) The size of the pump...obviously a very outdated, older model (maybe 
that's why she was trying to get rid of it(G))!
d) The idea the PCT's just give them away so easily!
e) the portrayal that the pump was in some way abhorant to others
I could go on..and have (sorry)!
Maybe the BBC needs a letter or two to point out what are the 'causes' and to 
say that portraying diabetes/people with diabetes this way is not acceptable.
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