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Re: [IPk] Program on TV at the moment

> > him "Is that how you got diabetes then?" and he said "Yes"
I suppose this could be a part truth if he as type 2 and eating far too much
causing vveight gain and insulin resistance
But it doesn't do much for our cause does it?
I attended a meeting last recently and someone is going to give a talk about
diabetes soon . They began  to discuss ho unrealistic the NSF targets are
and then one person piped up ( it could be possible to get an A1c of 5.5 %
if they didn't eat loads of sugar and refuse to excercise).

I almost said that type 2 should be given a completely different name to
type 1, but then recalled that some people here struggle ith T2 and have the
same difficulties as  type 1 despite meticulous attention to lifestyle, and
often very rigid diets. It's quite easy to get judgemental especially if you
feel you are being judged yourself by a public and medical profession ith
limited understanding. But I don't think one can really critiscise any
person ith DM and a poor diet if dieticians tell them they can eat as much
bread/ potato as they like ( assuming they aren't able to alter medication
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