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[IPk] hypers excercise etc

I'm having a few problems at the moment. Insulin requirements seem to be
creeping up, especially in the evening, Woke up at 14.7 today ( am running at
110% overnight and for the past few days this has "worked"). I have a cold and
have not been able to motivate myself to excercise for the past 2 weeks. I' m
never a fitness fanatic but have until rcently usually managed to either swim
1/2 mile or run approx 1 to 1.5 miles, 2 or 3 times per week. I have noticed
before that if I take very little excercise ( ie none) for over a week, BGs
start to creep up. But I wonder if this actually makes much sense ie whether
this small amount which is not done on a daily basis would be enough to stop
control deteriorating or whether there is another explanation.

Another issue is that when more " insulin resistant" I am also more carb
sensitive and seem to have to bolus  more aggressively. Usually there is a
little room for error and I do not seem to need to bolus for eg carrots,

Just had a letter saying the local health noard have "no objection to funding
my pump consumalbes on principle" so I have to let consultant know what I am
using and the cost. This isgreat but I hope to get back to my previous
excellent level of control
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