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[IPk] Unresponsive hypers


I use a Disetronic, and when I find I have high bg's, I not only bolus,
but set the pump to give me an increase of 50% (or whatever I feel I
need) more insulin - depending on time etc, over a length of time, until
the bg's drop down to a normal range.  Probably at 10, I'd switch back to
the normal doseage, and keep a close eye out for hypo's.  Does the
Minimed have this function?

One time, I had my pump increased by 200% overnight.  Didn't have any
sickness brewing and had no explanation for the high bg's.  By the
morning, everything had returned to normal!!  I always keep in mind you
have to "attack" the high bg's strongly and sharply.


Heather   IDDM 43 yrs, Pump 3 yrs


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