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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #401

Pat wrote:

>I find stress has quite the opposite effect (I go hypo with excitement
>looking at early brick buildings in East Anglia - sad, but true).  So
>do cut my basal before such things (when I remember).  With stressful
>meetings, I would rather be high than low.

>For exercise, I found it quite easy - as I've said before, my academic
>supervisor would be amazed to read this, but following the basic
>scientific method - keep all the variables the same except the one you
>are testing - is very productive!  So once you know what your body
>with one kind of day (with a set diet) try the same food and day with
>some gym, measure, and learn!

This all sounds very nice, but it makes one big assumption - and as a
physical scientist who works mostly on biological systems (and can
sometimes go either hypo or horribly hyper with excitement over them)
it is no longer suprising to me, rather sickeningly familiar.

You and I may think we know what constitutes a set day with a set diet,
and that all variables are the same except the one you choose to vary,
but my body knows no such thing - it is quite capable of arriving at
totally different blood glucose levels with the same food, the same
exercise, the same stressful meetings. I have now started swimming
twice a week in the mornings on my way to work, which is great, reduces
insulin requirements for the rest of the day, mostly but not every time
- only about 3 times out 4.

And I do find that for me stressful meetings can send blood glucose
shooting up or down depending on who knows what - maybe relating
slightly to blood glucose level at start, and how long since I last ate
and bolused, and whether the meeting is confrontational and difficult
or rather confrontational but interesting and stimulating, and how
prepared I am for the challenges that are presented - but who can
predict all that stuff???

I think the best thing about the pump is that you are not stuck with
long-acting insulin (which I now hate with a vengeance, though I know
rationally that without a pump you have no alternative), you can adjust
insulin input according to your needs - and those, in my experience,
you only discover by frequent measurements. And I also have measured
blood glucose in all sorts of situations - I find I can do it
discretely and get away without anyone commenting and noticing most of
the time. Ironically, it is doctors who are most likely to notice, and
who still are quick to assume, not that I am measuring in order to
avoid disaster, but I am measuring because something is wrong.  Since
most of my colleagues are doctors, this means that I am closely
scrutinized... and have educated them a great deal about diabetes!!


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