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[IPk] RE: Eye problems

Hi Jackie

 Sorry I couldn't reply before your appointment, but your message has only
 just come through.

 I am suffering an eye setback, too. I had had several sessions of laser
treatment for proliferative retinopathy a few years ago, prior to pumping,
 but it had been stable since then, until I started pumping last September. I
 have had to have some more laser since then, to my right eye. I think I've
 had bleeds in my left eye too, but its so cloudy in there (apparently) that
 they can't tell, and so they are now thinking of doing a vitrectomy. Or
 maybe cataract removal first...yes, definitely, urgently - no hold on,
 you're diabetic aren't you, so there are extra risks - I know, we'll put off
 any decision for a couple of months.... Do I sound bitter?! In the meantime,
 my eye consultant has complained to my pump nurse that I'm too well

 I understand from the book "Pumping Insulin" that it does settle down quite
soon, and in the long term, it's worth the short term set backs.

Good luck and best wishes.

IDDM 34 years, D-Tron 7 months
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