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Re: [IPk] Holidays

In a message dated 5/11/2003 10:33:21 AM GMT Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> Also girls when shopping for holiday clothes it suddenly dawned on me that
> it would be very difficult to wear a swimming costume, where would the pump
> go?
Hi Amanda,

Depends what you're going to be doing on holiday to some extent.

Many find that in the heat they need less insulin, and also if being active, 
swimming, sports etc, can detach the pump for several hours without any 
problem.  If I'm exercising I often stick my pump in the fridge after 
breakfast and return at lunchtime and early evening to check / bolus if need 
be.  Obviously you need to see how your own body reacts to hot weather.  If 
you've no access to a fridge or are out and about then Friopacks are great.

If lazing on a sunlounger, I stick the pump in my bikini bottom and ensure 
that it's covered or in the shade. Nobody has ever really noticed though I 
was once asked why I took a pager on holiday!  As others on this list have 
described, this doesn't seem to cause problems with the insulin even in 
temperatures well over 30 deg C, presumably because it's not in direct 
sunlight for hours on end.  But it's sensible to keep plenty of spare insulin 
in a fridge or at under 25 C.

The main problem I've had on holiday has been that the pump adhesive won't 
stick so the set slides off!  Polyskins are useful as we discussed here 

Hope you have a fantastic holiday,

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