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RE: [IPk] Holidays

the site is www.friouk.com
mmmmmmmmm summer holidays...can't wait!!!
sarah xxx

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Hi Amanda
You can buy a Frio pack especially for pumps (think the website is
www.frio.co.uk but I could be wrong) - soak the thing (Frio pack, not pump!)
in cold water for an hour or so and you then place your pump in it (it will
be dry inside) and it stays cool for at least 24 hours, if not 48.
But to be honest as long as you keep your pump out of direct sunlight most
of the time it should be fine. Many people in hot countries wear pumps all
the time!

As for swimwear - a bikini is the easiest as you can clip the pump to your
bottoms or stick it down your top even! Tankinis are good if you want to
look like you're wearing a swimsuit (ie cover up a bit) but clip your pump
on your bottoms. Alternatively, you can clip your pump on the *inside* of a
normal swimming costume (better that way as it keeps it out of direct
sunlight) either under the arm, or upside down at the top of your leg, if
you see what I mean. The "inside" bit applies to bikinis too of course!
Alternatively you could wear a SportsGuard or even any kind of attachment
such as waist belt (depending on whether you mind people seeing your pump /
looking slightly odd on the beach!). There are links to pump accessory sites
on the IP-UK website; Minimed also do a variety of pump accessories
themselves, though I don't think DIsetronic do.
Hope that helps

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Subject: [IPk] Holidays

> I have only been pumping for 2 weeks and am due to go on holiday shortly,
> am concerned over sunbathing with my pump, and wonder what other people do
> to keep their insulin cool when in the sun.
> Also girls when shopping for holiday clothes it suddenly dawned on me that
> it would be very difficult to wear a swimming costume, where would the
> go?
> Is a bikini the only answer?
> I look forward to your replies.
> Best wishes
> Amanda
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