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Re: [IPk] Stress, gym, basal levels and night-time blood sugar levels

I've had a lot of experience with stress, exercise and BG levels both on and
off a pump. I find different types of exercise have different effects on my
levels (and so do different types of stress - the adrenalin type caused by
e.g a competition vs the nervous energy type caused by e.g. having a lot to
But what I generally find is that:
- exercise lowers my BG, EXCEPT when I'm doing something like a competition,
in which case the adrenalin raises my BG.
- prolonged exercise of more than about 3 hours tends to lower my BG
throughout the following 24 hours or so (as does drinking more than about 3
vodkas or glasses of wine!)
- rushing around kind of stress (e.g. waking up early the morning of a
competition, rushing around trying to get ready, etc.) lowers my BG.

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> I didn't really know about stress raising blood sugars but we had sort of
> come to that conclusion because Charlie has found that if he has a major
> concert or even a smallish solo, his levels are all over the place and
> yet learnt how to predict what to do. Last night they gave a 2 and a half
> hour concert and practised for three hours in the morning and again in
> afternoon (all standing up) with football between rehearsal and in the
> interval and he got higher and higher. He tests before a concert, during
> interval and straight after and usually has to give a correction bolus.
> Barbara
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