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RE: [IPk] Stress, gym, basal levels and night-time blood sugar levels

Graham wrote: I'm impressed that you've managed to do a blood test without
anyone else noticing. I'll have to try and learn that one!

I spent a year working for a company where no one knew I had diabetes - and
I tested my BG at my desk. For the first few months it was very easy not to
be noticed, because I was in a room with only one other writer. It was
fairly unnoticeable when I moved down to production (where there were lots
of people). The systems administrator was occasionally interested in my
beeping because, being in charge of computers, he was also responsible for
unusual beeps! I changed my pump to vibrate after that. I kept my meter in
its case, so people probably thought it was a wallet when they did see it.

You may wonder whey the subterfuge: at my three-month review, a few things
were said that made me think it was better to not let anyone know that I had
a condition that they might have perceived as a disability in case it
influenced their decision to renew my next three-month contract. At the time
I was very interested in the work and I wanted to stick around. The company
is now gone! And I turned down an opportunity to go to Stockholm and earn a
huge amount of money to stay there:-(((

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