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Re: [IPk] Stress, gym, basal levels and night-time blood sugar levels

Hi Mary,

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately you will see from the bottom of your
e-mail that your attachment was removed by something outwith your control!

Reply as you think best - either with another attachment or a summary.

Many thanks for your advice, too.

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> writes:
> > best way to work out if I need different levels
> > of basal insulin during the day? Is it simply a case of fasting and
> > out
> > a different meal over 3 as-normal-as-possible days?
> Hi Graham,
> I've attached a rather badly scanned in version of Royal Bournemouth
> Hospital's sheet for calculating basal rates which I found useful myself.
> It's best to do on a day off when you've nothing planned; although in
> life" you will be exercising, attending meetings etc it's a good idea to
> the basic rates to start on.  (Then the fun begins!)
> Hopefully you can see the "FASTING" and * graphics plus the time on the
> (if not or you can't access the scan, let me know and I'll summarise it).
> found this very useful and I repeated it later testing hourly to fine-tune
> for the pump (my own basals jump around a lot, two consecutive hours can
> very different).
> You will know if your rates change by variations of your bg - if they are
> stable then glargine is working for you.  But you need to remove other
> factors (for example, a high fat high carb meal late at night will
> with testing night basals, and exercise and stressful meetings ditto for
> daytime basals) before and during the tests.
> Hope this helps,
> Mary
> IDDM 30+ yrs, 508 pump 2+ yrs
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> a name of Basal rates chart.pcx]
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