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Re: [IPk] Stress, gym, basal levels and night-time blood sugar levels

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> Regarding the meeting and the presentation, have any of you been in stressful
>situations often enough to be able to confidently give yourself an accurate
 >bolus on a pump? I'm sure that some of you will have worked out how to deal
>a session at the gym - is it quite easy? (Of course, as many of you have said,
>my situation demonstrates the weakness of glargine as it is a one-off

I find stress has quite the opposite effect (I go hypo with excitement
looking at early brick buildings in East Anglia - sad, but true).  So I
do cut my basal before such things (when I remember).  With stressful
meetings, I would rather be high than low.

For exercise, I found it quite easy - as I've said before, my academic
supervisor would be amazed to read this, but following the basic
scientific method - keep all the variables the same except the one you
are testing - is very productive!  So once you know what your body does
with one kind of day (with a set diet) try the same food and day with
some gym, measure, and learn!

 > Can you experts let me know the best way to work out if I need different
 >of basal insulin during the day? Is it simply a case of fasting and missing
 >a different meal over 3 as-normal-as-possible days? If so, should I test
>the normal time of the meal and 2 hours after, or what?

The book 'Pumping Insulin' has a very clear guide.  From what I remember
(and it's better to check in the book) you need to test period-by-
period.  You check that you have a level/stable/in-range bg going into
the test period (and have no hypos for 24 hrs before), and do not eat
for 4 hrs before the period starts.  This is done at least 3 times, to
check that you are not observing flukes, before altering the basal.

Start with getting overnight basals right (i.e. if you correct before
going to bed, you end up in range.  Then set the alarm so you can check
at all hours of the night.  Once that is set, skip breakfast, and check
through to lunch.  Then miss lunch, then dinner.

I did hourly checking (for the 4 hours going into the period, to ensure
stability, and then right through to the next meal).

Best wishes,

(dm 30+, 580 2+, phonomenologist archaeologist with a scientific twist)
Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted 

     "I have now got a pesitilent doctorate thesis to explore, 
      when I would rather be doing something less useful ..."

                (JRR Tolkien Letter 176)
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