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[IPk] Stress, gym, basal levels and night-time blood sugar levels


 Thank you _so_ much for your detailed e-mail. It underlines that - as I keep on
reading here - true flexibility and tight control can only be achieved if you're
on a pump. (To say nothing of the sheer convenience of being able to adjust your
doses so easily.)

 I did reckon that everyone's reaction in these situations would be different,
but it's good to have it confirmed. It's interesting to discover that you find
there can be a considerable difference between one meeting and another. I'll
remember that. I'm impressed that you've managed to do a blood test without
anyone else noticing. I'll have to try and learn that one!

 Regarding the gym, the suggestion was made to me that I reduce my lunchtime
NovoRapid (not an option as something can come up at the last minute which
prevents me going to the gym, so I would be running high needlessly).
Alternatively I could eat something on the way to the gym and (if I'm low
between my gym session and my swim) eat something then. Kind of defeats the
object, doesn't it?

 All this hassle because I'm on injections and not a pump (yet!). It's a real
inconvenience - but at least I'm building up my case in favour of a pump. By the
way, what made you get a Minimed pump instead of a Disetronic one - and have you
found any drawbacks with it?

Thanks again,

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