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[IPk] Stress, gym, basal levels and night-time blood sugar levels

Dear all,

 I sent this e-mail under another heading and may have mislead some of you. My

Thank you very much to all who have written about using a lantus-based
 regime. I've been on it for several days and things have gone reasonably well.
I have, however, had problems on the following occasions:
 * whenever I've done a blood test at around 2.00am it has been between 4.0 and
4.5, yet my pre-breakfast result has been 6.9-8.5;
 * I chaired a (rather contentious!) meeting on Monday morning - my blood sugar
immediately before was 7.6 and immediately after was 15.5;
 * I gave a presentation at a meeting yesterday - my blood sugar immediately
before was 6.9 and afterwards 18.6;
 * I went to the gym on Monday after work - my blood sugar before was 7.1;
during the gym session it fell to 4.2 and afterwards it was 3.1 (I assume the
hypo symptoms were hidden by the effects of the exercise). I had a banana and
some lucozade and went home instead of having a swim.

 Regarding the meeting and the presentation, have any of you been in stressful
situations often enough to be able to confidently give yourself an accurate
bolus on a pump? I'm sure that some of you will have worked out how to deal with
a session at the gym - is it quite easy? (Of course, as many of you have said,
my situation demonstrates the weakness of glargine as it is a one-off

 Can you experts let me know the best way to work out if I need different levels
of basal insulin during the day? Is it simply a case of fasting and missing out
a different meal over 3 as-normal-as-possible days? If so, should I test before
the normal time of the meal and 2 hours after, or what?

Thanking you all in anticipation,

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