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Re: [IPk] RE: How Long For Cannulas?

We have Medicare, our public health system. We use a combination of 
Medicare and private health insurance. Most diabetic supplies are 
subsidised (strips, syringes etc), but no pump consumables, pumps or meters 
are.  Insulin can be received for free at public hospitals only by low 
income earners, otherwise you have to have a script and pay $24/pop.

People on low incomes can see doctors for free, can even I believe get some 
supplies free through public hospitals, such as syringes, needles etc 
(where they cannot choose which doctor they see and are usually rotated 
between different doctors). Middle income earners are most heavily 
penalised (anyone earning from $35-$75K) as they have no respite on the $24 
per script until they have had 52 scripts filled in one calendar year. At 
that point, the cost of a script falls to $4, which is what low income 
earners get their scripts for.

It's all fairly complex (even for the medicos), and the Govt is trying to 
almost completely abolish "bulk billing", where a 'private' GP or 
specialist can provide services for the cost of the Medicare rebate only, 
and hoping to increase private health insurance coverage by doing so. This 
of course puts even greater pressure on the public health system as more 
people go to public hospitals for treatment.

Sorry, don't want to get political, and I've tried to keep it simple, but 
I'm happy to answer more specific questions on it, if you want :)



At 08:16 PM 10/05/2003, you wrote:

>Hi Tori
>You say in your message "(we do not have any free diabetic supplies in
>Australia), and it is a very
>expensive beast to have. "
>What provision is made for those who have diabetes, yet have no money?  The
>unemployed, infirm etc...
>Sorry to ask.  I'm just interested.

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