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RE: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #398 Re. glargine and hypos

Thanks for the info I will make a note of it and good luck with the pump


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> Hi Jackie
> I have had diabetes since the age of 12 over 35years!!  For some time in
> more recent years I was on insulatard as a basal component, first daily last
> thing at night and then bd am and last thing at night.  This worked better
> for me in reducing problems with night hypos as I found i needed a much
> smaller dose at night.  However, although I didn't wake high mornings were
> always difficult in trying to keep blood sugars down after breakfast when
> they invariably soared. Larger doses of humalog boluses at breakfast often
> caused a sudden drop to low after being high. I thought it was just me, no
> one ever mentioned it being a common problem. I started glargine about six
> months ago.  I found I still had hypos at night when I gave it at night if I
> had a large enough dose to cover between meal boluses.  I then started
> taking it in the morning as soon as I wake and it is much better and the
> post breakfast highs are much reduced.  Overall  for me I find it does not
> have enough flexibility  of cover as I work shifts, exercise at different
> times, some days I am rushing about all day and another I might be at a
> study session sat on
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